At UAE Copier / Master Expert we make sure your privacy is protected at all times. All our processes are in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, which ensures the customer information that we collect is only used in a lawful manner.

There are two main reasons why UAE Copier / Master Expert collects information from our site’s visitors. Firstly, it helps is process your order as effectively as possible. Secondly, it makes sure that every one of our customers gets the very best hardware and service for their specific requirements.

If you so wish, you can refuse all marketing emails from both us and other traders, while no sensitive information can ever be collected by us without your explicit, clear consent.

The information we collect about you will include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

All the information we hold is kept up to date and you can find out about the data we hold relating to you and your company with a quick email. Any erroneous information will immediately be deleted from our database and replaced with the correct data.

All the data we hold at UAE Copier / Master Expert is held in accordance with both our internal security policy and the law. We will never transfer your information outside the European Economic Area without first asking for your clear, explicit consent.

UAE Copier / Master Expert uses technology that monitors the patterns of behaviour of our site’s visitors. This may include a cookie, which stores upon our visitors’ browsers. If you wish to avoid this, your browser can be modified to prevent the cookie from storing. If your browser settings have not been modified, information collected this way can be used to identify you.

For any questions about how UAE Copier / Master Expert protects your privacy and uses your information, contact us here.